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Protect your pet from devastating diseases by getting them vaccinated.

Regular vaccinations are an extremely important part of keeping your pets healthy and happy. Vaccinations are a safe and effective way to protect pets against life-threatening infections, Mooroopna Veterinary Practice supports annual vaccinations for dogs and cats. Vaccinating your pet stimulates its immune system to produce antibodies against the virus, preventing it from causing disease.

Prevent dog and cat diseases – has your pet been vaccinated lately?

Vaccination is the only way to protect your pet against certain viral diseases that are highly contagious and can be fatal. Treatment for viral cat or dog diseases can be expensive, distressing for you and your pet, and not always successful.

Mooroopna Veterinary Practice can vaccinate your dog to protect them from the four major canine viral diseases in Australia including:

   •  Canine parvovirus

   •  Canine distemper

   •  Canine hepatitis

   •  Canine cough (kennel cough)

We also offer vaccination services to protect your cat from the major feline diseases caused by viruses in Australia including:

   •  Feline parvovirus (panleukopaenia)

   •  Feline calicivirus

   •  Feline herpes (rhinotracheitis)

   •  Feline respiratory disease (‘cat flu’)

   •  Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)

Cat in Basket

Rabbits and Ferrets

Our little pocket pets also need to be protected from the harmful effects of viral disease. Mooroopna Veterinary Practice offer vaccinations for:

   •  Distemper (in ferrets)

   •  Calicivirus disease (in rabbits)

For more information on vaccinations and what is best for your pet, come in and chat to our friendly veterinarians.

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