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Other Services

Here at Mooroopna Veterinary Practice we have quite a few extra services that aren't listed on our website but we do carry out. Please call or email our friendly team if there's something you or your pet needs that you don't see listed and we can let you know how to go about it.

Specialist Services

By partnering with specialist surgeons, Mooroopna Veterinary Practice can provide our patients with the highest standards of veterinary care.

We have associations with Advanced Vet Care and Melbourne Animal Referral Services who use our facilities frequently to assist with complex cases for our patients, which allows them the convenience on not having to travel hours for specialist procedures.

Grooming Services (Under Sedation)

We offer a limited Grooming Service; all grooming is done under sedation. Our Grooming services are available for the well-being of the animal, not for cosmetic purposes. Nail trims and Anal gland expression can be done by either nurse or vet.

We can provide you with contact details of a nearby groomer.



Microchipping is available at Mooroopna Veterinary Practice. A microchip is a rice grain sized device which is injected under the skin of your pet. The microchip contains a number that can be read with a special scanner. Your and your animal’s details are sent to a database to help ensure a quick and safe return should your pet become lost.
Legally, a source number is required when implanting a microchip into a dog or cat born after 1 July 2020.

If you have any questions or for more information on microchipping your pet, please contact our practice or visit

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