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General Health Checks & Looking After Our Senior Pets

Our friendly staff at Mooroopna Veterinary Practice recommend you bring your pet in every year for a general health check. A yearly check means we can monitor your animal to ensure their continuing comfort and address any changes that may adversely affect their health as early as possible.


The annual check also provides you with the opportunity to have a chat with us about any concerns you may have, as well as a chance to discuss your pet’s diet, exercise, and parasite prevention.

Combining your pet’s vaccinations with an annual health check is a great way to ensure your pet stays fit and healthy and is protected against contagious diseases.

Senior Pet Health

At Mooroopna Veterinary Practice, we love to see our senior pets. Because cats and dogs age seven times faster than humans, regular health checks are important to monitor, manage and prevent age related diseases. We recommend senior animals come in for a check-up once every six months.

Some of the most common age-related diseases we see in senior pets include:

   •  Dental disease and sore teeth

   •  Skin tumours

   •  Heart disease

   •  Arthritis

   •  Abdominal problems and growths

   •  Skin disease

   •  Eye and ear problems

   •  High blood pressure

Blood Testing

If your pet is aged over 7 years, we recommend annual blood testing to screen for serious illnesses such as diabetes, kidney disease, tumours and liver disease.


Just like humans, pets get aching joints as they enter their senior years. Arthritis is a very common health condition amongst older animals, and it can be extremely painful if left untreated. Happily, arthritis can be managed with medication and a few lifestyle changes. Some signs your senior pet might be arthritic include slowed walking, stiffness when getting up, a decrease in grooming habits, and lower activity levels.

For more information on all things diagnostic, come in and chat to our friendly veterinarians.

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