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At Mooroopna Veterinary Practice your pet’s health is our priority. Our practice has all the necessary diagnostic facilities and equipment onsite so that we can work out what is wrong with your pet as quickly as possible. Speedy diagnosis means faster treatment and ultimately, a better prognosis.


At Mooroopna Veterinary Practice, digital X-Ray technology is available on site. Our equipment allows for quick and precise images to be taken of your pet’s bones as well as soft tissue structures like the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, bladder, stomach, and intestines. In certain cases, Mooroopna Veterinary Practice will also have your pet’s images reviewed by a specialist surgeon at no extra charge. If your pet’s problem cannot be diagnosed with x-rays alone, your vet may recommend more advanced imaging.


Our portable in-house ultrasound machine allows for a non-invasive examination of the internal organs. We use it routinely to examine the gastrointestinal system of sick dogs and cats and to check vital organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys, and urinary bladder among others. Our Ultrasound machine can also be used in pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring.



Our practice has advanced in house blood analysers. This means we can take a blood sample from your pet and receive a result within the hour. Our analysers are very useful when it comes to finding out what is wrong with loved pets quickly, in addition to performing routine pre-anaesthetic blood tests.

Examples of in-house blood testing:

   •  Pre-anaesthetic blood testing

   •  Sick pets

   •  Feline AIDS

   •  Heartworm disease in dogs

   •  Heart disease

   •  Pancreatitis

   •  Kidney disease

   •  Liver disease

Unfortunately, our blood analysers cannot perform all blood tests. In these cases, we will send your pet’s sample to an external reference laboratory. Most of the time these results are returned electronically to the clinic within 24-48 hours and the vet will call you or ask you to come into the clinic to discuss the results.


Our vets are experienced in using cytology examination to diagnose many diseases. This involves taking a small sample of tissue and examining the cells under a microscope at high magnification. This method of testing is used to assess many types of skin disease, as well as in investigating tumours, infections, urinary disease, ear infections, and parasitic infections.

For more information on all things diagnostic, come in and chat to our friendly veterinarians.

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